1. I Got Stripes

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Ursprüngliches Erscheinungsdatum: 10. September 2011 | Label: WaldoPhon Rat. | Genre: Rock


On a Monday I was arrested
On a Tuesday they locked me in the jail
On a Wednesday my trial was attested
On a Thursday they said guilty and the judge's gavel fell

I got stripes
Stripes around my shoulders
I got chains
Chains around my feet
I got stripes
Stripes around my shoulders
And them chains, them chains, they're about to drag me down

On a Monday I got my striped britches
On a Tuesday I got my ball and chain
On a Wednesday I'm workin' diggin' ditches
On a Thursday Lord I begged 'em not to knock me down again

I got stripes…

On a Monday my momma come to see me
On a Tuesday they caught me with a file
On a Wednesday I'm down in solitary
On a Thursday Lord I start on bread and water for a while

I got stripes…

© 2011 Johnny Cash